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Xtreme Car Audio

Xtreme Car Audio specialises in car audio systems, vehicle security, window tinting and in car entertainment and custom interior installations.

Xtreme Car Audio are a sydney based company, being established in 2008, they’ve had to adapt with new technologies and market demands.

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While Xtreme Car Audio’s website was already attracting some direct traffic, there was a crucial need for a revamp, primarily to enhance its conversion rate. Entelech set a target to elevate the website’s conversion rate to 5%. Given that there were significant opportunities for Onsite SEO enhancements, the strategy was tailored to push keyword rankings from pages 2 and 3 to page 1 on Google.

The overarching objective was to broaden their traffic sources by leveraging both Google and Facebook. Moreover, Xtreme Car Audio aspired to establish themselves as Sydney’s premier installer for Android Auto and Apple Car Play head units. A key milestone set for the 12-month period was to achieve over 100 website conversions through this digital strategy.


Xtreme Car Audio stood at the brink of a transformative opportunity to redefine its market presence and customer reach. With a burgeoning demand for advanced car audio solutions like Android Auto and Apple Car Play in Sydney, there was a significant market ripe for capture. This potential extended beyond just sales; it offered a chance to position the brand as a trendsetter and leader in automotive technology. Enhancing the website for better conversion rates also opened up new avenues for customer engagement and retention, presenting an opportunity to build lasting relationships with tech-savvy car enthusiasts.


The primary challenge for Xtreme Car Audio lay in revamping their website to not only increase traffic but more importantly, to boost its conversion rate to the targeted 5% Another significant challenge was broadening their traffic sources. While they aimed to capitalize on Google's vast search audience, they also sought to harness the power of Facebook's social platform, requiring a nuanced approach to appeal to different user behaviors on each platform. Establishing a strong brand presence as the leading installer of high-demand auto technology in a competitive Sydney market added another layer to their strategic challenges.


Entelech's strategy for Xtreme Car Audio was multi-dimensional, focusing on elevating the website’s conversion rate and establishing a dominant market position. Firstly, SEO enhancements were prioritized to improve keyword rankings, moving the website from the lower visibility of pages 2 and 3 to the coveted first page on Google. This was aimed at increasing organic search traffic with higher conversion potential. Simultaneously, a dual-platform approach was implemented to leverage both Google and Facebook. This involved creating targeted ad campaigns on Google to capture users actively searching for car audio solutions, while Facebook ads were designed to tap into a broader audience, potentially interested in the latest car technology. The strategic use of engaging content and precise targeting aimed to establish Xtreme Car Audio as a top choice in Sydney for Android Auto and Apple Car Play installations, with a clear target of achieving over 100 website conversions within a 12-month period.


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30 Competitive Keywords Landed on Page 1
Increased Conversion Rate to from 1.4% to 8%
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Achieved an Incredible 700% Increase In Organic Traffic
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Generating 100+ New Calls & Enquiries per Month
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“We were contacted by Entelech and information given was more than appealing. Although we have never allowed for an SEO consultancy in our marketing budget and were reluctant to commit, Flynn gave us the opportunity to commence on a short contract term. Within 6 weeks, I noticed an increase in calls and customers, and after asking customers directly how they heard of us, and they replied by saying, “I found you on Google”, I knew things were working.

Dealing with the team at Entelech has been a breeze. We have renewed our contract, and have now been with them for (with our new contract signing today) what will be 2 years. We have increased the services we have them to provide from SEO, to a new website that has provided us SO MUCH MORE TRAFFIC, and now even Google Ads. I could not have been happier with the work they do, the results we see and the communication. Thank you Entelech.”

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