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Dear Business Owner,

Do you consider yourself a market leader when it comes to quality of service, value of product or level of expertise in your industry? But, are you perplexed or frustrated by the lack of leads and sales you generate that do not reflect your prowess? If the answer is a yes to both, then you need to read on.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t be here on our website trying to decipher the complex world of digital marketing. You would be busy attending to scaling your business as your website yields you consistent leads and sales. But, alas, digital marketing is a tough, ultra-competitive and, at times, overwhelming endeavor that can see even the most business-savvy people drown in the uncertainty of knowing how to get started, what to do next, who to trust or even how to measure and quantify it all.

So, here you are, hopeful and believing in your businesses’ potential, wondering if Entelech is the digital agency that can help grow your business. Our very name encapsulates our mission, values, and work ethic as a company. The definition of Entelech is ‘When potential becomes realised,’ and thus, we aim to partner with business builders like yourself, take mere growth potential and make it a reality through game-changing digital marketing strategies.

At Entelech, we set out from day one to acquire a deep understanding of your products, services and target audiences to provide you with genuine business scaling, digital marketing, and sale funnel solutions. We don’t just offer you a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we take everything that makes you the best at what you do and convert that into customer acquisition on steroids by presenting you as the solution to the exact need they have or problem they face.

Whether you’re a professional service, a local business, a global enterprise, an eCommerce store, or a subscription service, we can transform the way you do digital marketing and turn a sparsity of leads and sales into a plethora of them. And, we don’t just make empty promises. We’ll start by providing you with a FREE custom solution plan that will set you on the path to success.

So, whether your end goal as a business owner is more free time, greater financial freedom, or to simply scale up and conquer your market, we’ve got you covered. Click below to obtain your key to a better future for your business and start generating the leads and sales you deserve.


A Team Of Marketing Superstars Providing Business Growth Solutions
Across The Entire Spectrum Of The Digital Landscape.









Game Changing Results Across A Multitude Of Industries


  1. Bespoke Strategy – The strategy our team develops will be unique to your product or service and orientated around achieving your exact goals. No generic, one size fits all plan like other agencies propose for you.
  2. No Vanity Metrics – Marketing should always be a profitable endeavor, not one overly focused on graphs and reports being a benchmark of success. Our end goal metric is always your revenue growth and return on investment.
  3. Goal Internalisation – Your goals and targets are not just numbers on a board for us, they are internalised as our teams steadfast commitment and desire to achieve. You grow, we grow.
  4. True Customer Care – We greatly value the lifetime value of our clients to our business and always strive to exemplify a level of service and care that turns our clients into advocates. 97% of our clients provide us with referrals within their first 6 months because of the client dedication our team show.
  5. Lifelong Assets – The marketing foundations and principles we build for you do not expire. They are lifelong assets such as databases, optimised audiences,  content and media, conversion tactics and funneling strategies you can use time and time again to generate revenue and growth for your business forever more.

We work with businesses of all sizes and budgets ranging from fledgling startups to global enterprises with 1000+ employees. If you are serious about growing your business then our team can help you start scaling within any budget entry level. We can also collaborate with your inhouse marketing team to improve and expediate marketing results.

Strategise and build a marketing campaign that will get your business in front of the exact people either looking for your specific services or products or who are likely to have a need triggered for your services or products and then engaging those people with hooks and content that will turn them into wallet ready buyers or enquiries. 

Investing in your marketing is an important business decision and there is a minefield of agencies and gurus who promise the world but ultimately deliver failure and a litany of broken promises. But their business models are churn and burn operations with big profit margins because very little work is actually done or it is simply outsourced to cheap overseas agencies and freelancers. 

If you have unfortunately experienced working with such an agency or freelancer, Entelech can help get your marketing back on track and reestablish your confidence in scaling your business through implementing various KPI’s and guarantees into your next campaign and providing you with in-depth mentorship and transparency with all the work we complete and results we achieve.

We’ve worked with start ups, local businesses, medium sized firms, e-commerce stores and even fortune 500 companies. And all across hundreds of various industries. No matter your product or service, chances are we have experience with it or something similar.

We know what methods and content works best for which industries and are able to quickly develop ideal buyer personas and target audiences and then hook them with the right content thanks to our wealth of experience.

Apart from our devotion to excellent customer service, it would be that we truly understand consumer mindsets and habits and thus are able to build game changing marketing and sales funnels rather than simply focusing on sheer traffic like most agencies do.

You can be the absolute best at what you do but unless your would be customers know you exist and you resonate well with them, it counts for very little. Getting your brand name out there in front of your right audiences through ideal buyer personas and target demographic understanding, is the critical first step to successful marketing.

Once more and more people are now aware you exist you’ve got to present them with content and media that will resonate with them and turn that awareness into genuine interest. This is about educating people on the need and value behind what you are selling and how it can better their life as well as providing upfront value.

And whether they were shopping around or you made them aware of a particular need, you will lose leads and sales to your competitors if you don’t clutch that interest and turn it into brand familiarity by providing linear touch points to your leads that build trust, nurture their interest and further educate them on your products or services to firmly establish you as the right choice.

Finally, your marketing needs to be designed to nurture people through to your end goal whether that be a checkout, demo, high ticket purchase, subscription, membership, booking or an appointment. We present your end goal product or service at the end of your funnel in a manner that makes it a must buy or opt-in to wallet ready prospects.

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Customer Success Is Our Mission

Catherine Davies
Catherine Davies
I’ve been so impressed with the crew from Entelech, from the first conversation with Flynn I’ve been thoroughly looked after. I’ve had every aspect of my business’s digital marketing reviewed, discussed, broken down and reimagined with amazing care and diligence (and patience). I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you for helping me and my business through this process with such a hands on caring, professional approach.
Shireen Scott
Shireen Scott
We have been working with Nick at Entelech close to 2 months to enhance our websites SEO's. In addition to working on our SEO's the Entelech team also had to enhance our website speed and conducted a site clean-up. The results thus far have exceeded our expectation, with our company climbing up the google rankings so much quicker than we thought, and this has already seen an increase in enquiries and foot traffic. We are aware that SEO work and tweaking needs to continue, but we are very confident that we will continue to see growth in online enquiries and additional sales. In addition, I cannot say how impressed we have been with Nick and the team with their quick response time, additional support when required and general professionalism. As a small business owner, with limited knowledge in this area, I do feel we have picked the right company to support our online presence.
Peter Livingstone
Peter Livingstone
My email progressively closed down our ability to send and receive emails, which was having a serious impact on the business. Any attempt by us to fix the problem proved futile. Nicholas from Entelech (who is very successfully promoting our website) understood the implications and came to the rescue; he and the team devoted significant time and energy to finally re-establish the service. It is a big relief to put this behind us so that we get back to our core business. A big thank you Entelech. Peter, Seamless Fencing & Glass
Kenny & Skyla, Hannah & Sunny Grant
Kenny & Skyla, Hannah & Sunny Grant
Entelech has been upgrading the Gun Marine Services website which was long overdue. The service from Nick and all of the Entelech personnel have been extremely accommodating, understanding and very patient with changes and limited info supplied. I highly recommend this company if anyone needs a website to be upgraded or renewed with professional abd personnel assistance, then Entelech is very trustworthy and great to deal with.
Alex Dwomoh
Alex Dwomoh
I have been working with Entelech for a couple of months now and the results are amazing. The team always check up on me and are very receptive to any changes or input that I may have. Thanks Team.
Rowan Lyles
Rowan Lyles
I've been so impressed with Entelech's work so far. They've been working on my Web Design businesses SEO and other digital marketing for me. Within the first month, they've got me to number 1 position locally, where other SEO 'experts' couldn't do! I'm now ahead of the competition! They're always responsive and helpful, and keep me up to date all the time. Absolutely experts in their field, I would highly recommend them to everybody!
Naomi Baker
Naomi Baker
After many failed attempts, and plenty of wasted money, i finally have an SEO management team who is producing magic for my business online. Thank you Flynn and the team for helping my small business grow
Brett Moore
Brett Moore
Leda machinery have partnered with Entelech for the past 2 years re our SEO and development of our new Website. Our experience has been 100% positive - they are effective and pro-active and also very good communicators/with feedback on what they have done and results achieved. They have the expertise and team to keep our Website performing well and also we have appreciated their input on ideas to further improve the sites effectiveness. Brett Moore- Marketing Manager - LEDA Machinery
David Mezey
David Mezey
I was very cautious when Entelech first contacted Alpha Omega Video, as I have had many SEO companies promise the world. However they have delivered results far faster than any other company I have worked with. Their personal touch has made a difference. I would highly recommend Entelech to any business looking at growing their brand, and seeing the potential for increased sales.
Bruce Wellington
Bruce Wellington
The guys at Entelech have been great to work with. Done a great job boosting our reach online.

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