DEAR BUSINESS OWNER Are you a market leader when it comes to the quality of service, value of product or level of expertise in your industry? Then let's ensure the amount of leads and sales you generate reflects that. Click below to claim your free funnel marketing strategy, custom developed for your exact product or service and your business growth goals. CLAIM MY FREE FUNNEL WIREFRAME


At Entelech we build marketing and sales funnels structured for your exact product or service, not just run marketing ‘campaigns’. And we focus on the metrics that matter most to you – Leads, Sales, and ROI. We enable you to avoid the trap of ‘tunnel visioning’ your marketing into generic, uninspiring marketing strategies that offer up ‘vanity metrics’ as a measure of success. We set out from day one to provide you a true ‘Eureka’ moment from the moment you first see your custom-built funnel strategy that will unlock your true marketing potential and automate the quantity and quality of leads and sales you are able to generate. No cookie cutter plan, a proper well researched and strategised solution to your growth needs. No matter whether you are a small business, mid-sized company or a large enterprise, and whether you are a professional service, local tradie or business, an eCommerce store or a subscription service, we can transform the way you do digital marketing and turn a sparsity of leads and sales into a plethora of them and we can start by planning out a FREE custom funnel strategy for you. So if you are ready for that ‘Eureka’ moment, click below to claim yours.




You can be the absolute best at what you do but unless your would be customers know you exist it counts for very little. Getting your brand name out there in front of your ideal audiences, built through ideal buyer personas and target demographic understanding, is the critical first step to successful marketing.



More and more people are now aware you exist but you’ve got to present them with content and media that will resonate with them and turn that awareness into genuine interest. This is about educating people on the need and value behind what you are selling and how it can better their life as well as providing upfront value.



Whether they were shopping around or you made them aware of a particular need, you will lose leads and sales to your competitors if you don’t clutch that interest and turn it into brand familiarity by providing linear touch points to your leads that build trust, nurture their interest and further educate them on your products or services to firmly establish you as the right choice.



Whether through demos, trials, consultations, low ticket offers, webinars or email drip feeds etc your funnel needs to be designed to nurture people through to your end goal whether that be a high ticket purchase, subscription, membership, booking or appointment. Present your end goal product or service at the end of your funnel in a manner that makes it a must buy to wallet ready prospects.


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Have our team map out a wireframe researched and customised to your business that will give you a visual simulation of how you should be structuring your marketing to attract, convert and nurture your would-be customers.


Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Entelech has done wonders for my brand! Watch my case study video and make the decision to partner with them as I did. It will be one of the best decisions your business ever make!”

Wendy Russell – Owner and Founder, Wendy Russell Buyers Agent

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Tailored Strategy

The strategy our team develops will be unique to your product or service and orientated around achieving your exact goals. No generic plan you’ve seen before.

No Vanity Metrics

Marketing should always be a profitable endeavor, not one overly focused on graphs and arrows. Our end goal metric is always your bottom line and return on investment.

Goal Internalization

Your goals and needs are not just numbers on a board for us, they are onboarded as a mutual desire and commitment to achieve. Your success is our growth.

True Customer Care

With Entelech you are not a mere CRM profile, you are a genuine partner who our team takes great pride in providing marketing mentorship and guidance to.