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Wendy Russell offers a unique, personalised service for discerning buyers seeking luxury homes in Brisbane. Founding her independent Buyer’s Agency in 2015, Wendy’s passion is to provide an unparalleled one-on-one service for her clientele.
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Wendy aimed to secure the top position for the “Buyer’s Agent Brisbane” keyword on Google, an aspiration driven by feedback from high-end buyers who sought premium Buyer’s Agents on the first page. Also, she wanted to enhance her website’s pagespeed to reduce the high bounce rate.


Wendy's ambition to dominate the "Buyer’s Agent Brisbane" keyword on Google presented a significant opportunity to align with the preferences and behaviors of her high-end clientele. Being prominently listed on the first page of Google for such a crucial keyword would not only increase visibility among potential clients but also establish her brand as a leading authority in the Brisbane buyer's agent market. Additionally, improving the website's pagespeed offered the chance to enhance user experience, potentially reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement. This focus on technical website optimization could lead to a more seamless and efficient online journey for visitors, thereby increasing the likelihood of converting them into clients.


The challenges in Wendy's digital strategy were twofold. Firstly, securing the top position for the "Buyer’s Agent Brisbane" keyword was a daunting task, given the competitive nature of real estate keywords in search engine optimization. It required not only a deep understanding of SEO best practices but also a tailored approach that could outperform competitors in a highly contested space. Secondly, the technical aspect of improving website pagespeed to reduce bounce rates involved meticulous website analysis and optimization. This task demanded expertise in web development and user experience design, ensuring that the website was not only fast but also user-friendly, catering to the high expectations of her premium clientele.


To achieve these goals, a comprehensive strategy was implemented. For the SEO component, the focus was on optimizing website content with the targeted "Buyer’s Agent Brisbane" keyword, building a strong backlink profile, and ensuring all on-page SEO elements were meticulously aligned with best practices. This approach was aimed at steadily climbing the ranks in Google search results. In parallel, technical improvements were made to the website, focusing on enhancing pagespeed. This involved optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, and minimizing code bloat. By improving the website's technical performance, the aim was to provide a fast, efficient, and enjoyable browsing experience, thereby reducing bounce rates and fostering longer, more meaningful engagement with potential clients. Together, these strategies were designed to not only elevate Wendy's position in search results but also to refine the overall user experience, aligning with the high standards of her target market.


Backlink Acquisition

Technical Onsite SEO Audit

Onsite SEO Implementation

Squarespace to WordPress Migration

Pagespeed Optimisation


Dominated Search Visibility with 1st Position Rankings for Ultra Competitive Keywords
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Optimised Website achieved a Google Pagespeed Score of 99
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Achieved a 112% increase in Website Sessions
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An 82% Increase in Website Conversions from 172 to 314
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“The team at Entelech are fantastic to work with. I have seen some great results within my Buyers Agency business and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Wendy Russell

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