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overview of View Ningaloo

View Ninglaoo is an iconic business which operates out of Exmouth, Western Australia. What makes View Ningaloo Iconic is not only that it is run by a small local family business, but it is the proud owner of the only Sub Sea Explore in the whole of Western Australia. When Entelech approached the two new owners, Lucy & Matt, they were cautious about digital marketing and did not have a deep understanding. View Ningaloo had a goal of ranking their website for various keyword variations and building traffic coming into their website.

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View Ningaloo is located in a very rural area of Western Australia, 33 hours drive away from Darwin. Normally tourists would venture to their area in order to view whale sharks and due to distance stay for a week. View Ningaloo felt like they were not taking full advantage of the tourism being generated in their area, especially as their vessel is iconic and unique to the state of WA. View Ningaloo partnered with Entelech to assist and grow. 

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The Opportunities

View Ninglaoo wanted their online presence to grow and to be able to fill 4 tours a day with 30 people. With the goal to generate an excess of $18,000-19,800 per month through online bookings.

View Ningaloo expressed having little experience with digital marketing but a passion to grow and expand.

The Challenges

View Ningaloo had a poor performing website that didn’t showcase their competitive advantages and products in a manner that would entice their audience away from the local competition. Furthermore they had not ventured into using Google or Facebook Ads before, being very unfamiliar territory for a small locally owned family business.

The Strategy

View Ningaloo joined in 2019 with no onsite SEO, poor page speed, and no use of Google or Facebook Ads. Our team completed onsite SEO implementation and re-developed the website with conversion optimisation. We then developed a segmented Google Ad Campaign to generate traffic from specific keywords. View Ningaloo saw outstanding results from their website and Google Ads, so they decided to venture out into Facebook Ads, which also yielded great results.


SEO Strategy

AdWords Campaign

Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign


View Ningaloo


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The Client's Words

Entelech are a Digital Marketing partner you can trust. The team always delivers on what is promised in a timely manner, ensuring it is beyond the standard I desire. Responsiveness is a huge positive trait of the team, as they are always available to answer any questions I have. Being patient with breaking down and explaining things, which I can not thank them enough for. Truly the team are educators and experts in their field. I always know that I can contact my Client Success Manager if I need anything and they will respond to me without hesitation. The results Entelech has brought to my business through SEO, Google & Facebook Ads has been extraordinary. Every month I see constant increases in my campaigns performance and further in my business. Truly pleased with the decision I made to become a digital marketing partner with Entelech. 

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View Ningaloo

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