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Lifeblinds, a supplier and installer of blinds, awnings, curtains, and plantation shutters in Melbourne, sought to boost their online presence after experiencing little return from their previous investments in SEO. The Entelech team was engaged to generate a monthly target of 40 leads for the company.
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Lifeblinds aimed to generate a minimum of 40 leads per month. With a quote-to-sales conversion rate of 40%, Lifeblinds projected that this lead generation would result in 16 new sales per month, contributing approximately $27,200 to their monthly revenue.


Lifeblinds recognised a significant opportunity to leverage their high-quality products and installation services to capture a larger share of the market. By setting a goal to generate a minimum of 40 leads per month, they aimed to translate their superior service offering into tangible business growth. With a robust quote-to-sales conversion rate of 40%, these leads had the potential to result in 16 new sales monthly, adding approximately $27,200 to their revenue. The opportunity lay not just in attracting leads but in utilizing their premium grade products as a key differentiator in a competitive market, thereby appealing to customers seeking top-tier window treatment solutions.


The primary challenge for Lifeblinds was standing out in a crowded and competitive industry. While they offered premium grade products and installation services, effectively communicating this value proposition to the right audience was crucial. The challenge extended beyond just reaching potential customers; it was about convincingly conveying the superiority of their offerings and converting online searches into leads and sales. This required a nuanced understanding of their target market's preferences and a strategic approach to digital marketing that could highlight their unique selling points in a compelling manner.


Entelech took on the challenge of elevating Lifeblinds' market presence, setting our sights on generating a minimum of 40 leads per month for them. Our strategy harnessed the strength of Lifeblinds' premium-grade products and installation services, tailoring our approach to communicate this effectively to their target audience. We focused on enhancing their SEO, ensuring Lifeblinds appeared prominently in online searches for top-tier window treatments. Alongside this, our team developed targeted digital advertising campaigns, utilising platforms that resonated most with their desired customer base. These campaigns were crafted to highlight the superior quality and uniqueness of Lifeblinds' offerings, aiming not just to attract leads but also to foster brand recognition and trust. Through our comprehensive digital marketing efforts, we aimed to turn Lifeblinds' goal of generating 40 leads per month into a reality, thereby contributing significantly to their monthly revenue and reinforcing their position in a competitive market.


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An Incredible 412% Increase in Website Conversions
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Business Changing increase of $25,500 in monthly revenue
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17 Competitive Keywords Ranked on Google's page one
1000+ Monthly Sessions from Google Ads Retargeting
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“Entelech are a valued Digital Marketing partner. These guys are educators and professional implementers of their trade. In an area of the business that I initially knew nothing about, they have been patient in showing me the ropes and have significantly taken my previously disappointing online presence to a place where it now equates for a large proportion of my business. I’d hate to think where I’d be now without them. Highly Recommended.”

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