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TSM Signs, a Sydney-based commercial vehicle signage specialist, sought to optimise their digital marketing strategy to boost online leads and reduce their cost per acquisition. Entelech proposed a robust lead generation blueprint that included SEO, AdWords, website redevelopment, and a retargeting campaign.


Their AdWords cost per lead increased from $40 to $70 over the course of 12 months with their previous digital agencies.

TSM Signs online presence was heavily reliant on Google AdWords to generate enquiries, as the website didn’t rank organically for the majority of their relevant keywords and they had little to no social presence.

The website had poor mobile bounce rate and conversion rate percentage.


The goal to improve organic rankings for "Car Signage Sydney" highlighted an opportunity to tap into SEO and increase their visibility in organic search results. This approach promised to attract more relevant traffic without the associated costs of paid advertising. Moreover, enhancing the website's conversion rates, particularly on mobile and tablet devices, offered a chance to capitalize on the increasing trend of mobile web browsing, thereby improving user experience and potentially increasing sales and enquiries.


The challenges facing TSM Signs were multifaceted. Firstly, reducing the AdWords cost per lead from $70 to $40 required a thorough analysis and optimization of their current ad campaigns, targeting more effectively to ensure better ROI. Secondly, the absence of organic ranking for key terms like "Car Signage Sydney" necessitated a strategic and well-executed SEO plan. This involved not only optimizing on-page content but also building a strong backlink profile and improving overall site authority. Lastly, the poor mobile bounce rate and conversion rate indicated a need for significant improvements in the website's mobile responsiveness and user experience, essential in today's mobile-first digital landscape.


Entelech's approach for TSM Signs encompassed a comprehensive digital marketing overhaul. To address the high AdWords costs, we restructured their campaigns with a focus on cost-efficiency, targeting precision, and ad relevance. This involved refining keywords, ad copy, and targeting settings to ensure a lower cost per lead while maintaining lead quality. Simultaneously, we initiated an SEO campaign targeting "Car Signage Sydney," focusing on keyword optimization, content creation, and enhancing the website's overall SEO health to improve organic search rankings. Additionally, understanding the importance of mobile user experience, we undertook a revamp of the website's design and functionality, particularly for mobile and tablet devices. This aimed to reduce the mobile bounce rate and improve conversion rates by providing a seamless and engaging user experience. Through these targeted strategies, Entelech aimed to not only achieve TSM Signs' immediate goals of reduced AdWords costs and improved organic rankings but also to lay a strong foundation for sustained digital growth and success.


AdWords Campaign Re-vamp & Management

Offsite SEO & Backlink Strategy

Onsite SEO Implementation

Facebook Retargeting Strategy

Website Redevelopment

Pagespeed Optimisation


AdWords Cost Per Lead Reduced by over 100% to $25
$ 0
Consistently Generating 25 Extra Monthly Enquiries
0 +
20+ Competitive Keywords on Google Page 1
0 +
Decreased Website Bounce Rate by 65% within 3 months
0 %


“We have worked with Entelech since April 2019 where they took on all our online marketing – from creating new websites to lead generation strategies and advertisements to management of Adwords and Facebook. These have all been successful and we have re-engaged another 12 month contract which will include SEO development. I like that the Team are professional and not pushy salesmen, are in regular contact and are patient with my many questions and changes. I highly recommend Flynn and the Entelech team.”

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