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Smokers Choice Ltd

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Smokers Choice Ltd

Smokers Choice UK is a one-stop shop dedicated to delivering premium nicotine products, and other counterculture tools. When approached by Smokers Choice, Entelech was made aware of the difficulty they had with marketing their products. As they were not allowed by law to market through people or Ads. Leaving SEO & email marketing as the only tools available.


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Smokers Choice wanted their online presence and customer funnel to grow.
With the goal to be one of the leading suppliers of safe nicotine products in the UK.

On average the website was converting 1.9% of the incoming traffic and was receiving
3000 visitors per month. Resulting in an average of 30-35 sales, equaling £1,120 per

Goal was to double the amount of sales and revenue over a 12 month period.


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The Opportunities

Smokers Choice UK are in a fast and ever growing counterculture industry, supplying electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and E-Liquids. Due to advertisement laws in the UK, Smokers Choice found it difficult to generate traffic within the website and in turn online sales. Smokers Choice had little background in digital marketing and at first was unsure if we would be able to deliver tangible results. Within 1 year the results truly did speak for themselves.

The Challenges

Smokers Choice had a limited digital marketing foot print and with the current laws within the UK, struggled to grow in a fast expanding market. As such they needed guidance and assistance, which here at Entelech we were able to provide.

The Strategy

Immediately once onboard we noticed very limited to no Onsite SEO in the website, poor page speed and an extensive amount of technical errors, limiting the websites performance. As such we began our foundation work, mapped out the specific areas which needed to be fixed and started Smokers Choice digital marketing journey. Post completing our initial foundation work and stabilising the website, we began extensive work on improving loading speed across all pages, completing additional Onsite optimisations and expanding keyword variations. Whilst acquiring and implementing high quality backlinks, in order to grow our clients domain authority. At each step we noticed Smokers Choice website traffic grow, and as we are experts we did not want this to go to waste. We then set up an email marketing campaign and further an abandoned shopping cart feature added to their online store. This way we could remind all potential customers of what items they were looking to purchase, when other matters drew their attention away.


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New Monthly Sales


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The Client's Words

Traffic Entelech has brought to my website has been outstanding and unexpected. I was advised SEO is a long term strategy, though within only 12 months I have seen the impact it has brought. I am preparing to discuss and plan out 2023 with my Entelech Client Success Manager.


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Smokers Choice Ltd

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