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Leda Machinery are a leading WoodWorking Machinery brand that supply heavy industry with a range of woodworking machinery.
Leda Machinery approached Entelech after their previous Digital Campaign had started to become stagnant. For over 12 months they were not able to generate more than 40 website conversions.
Whilst their machines can sell for tens of thousand they felt that their previous agency became complacent and were seeking to double the amount of revenue they generate from their website.


They were disheartened that although they had invested into their online presence for well 3 years, some of their distributors and machine sale directories were outranking them on Google for their own products.

They were unhappy with their lead to sale ratio. Whilst they were generating 40 consistent leads, the leads that they were generating weren’t translate into the amount of sales they would have liked.

The Goals

Leda Machinery wanted to double the amount of revenue they generated through their website. When Entelech took over their online presence was capped at generating 40 monthly conversions per month. Leda Machinery wanted to double this to 80 monthly website conversions. With the increase of conversions they also wanted to increase their conversion rates from enquiries to product sales.

Their Google AdWords cost per conversion was $70 per conversion, they wanted to reduce this to as close to $20 as possible.

Since the launch of their website, Leda Machinery had no way of understanding where their web-conversions were coming from, they wanted to install correct tracking so they could properly track traffic and web-conversions.

The Challenges

Their main challenge was the websites Google friendliness, it was not setup using best SEO practices and the structure of their site setup was significantly hindering the sites ability to rank on Google.

Furthermore, they had little to no education or touch points on the website to help nurture prospects into warm enquiries. The product descriptions on their website weren't enough to convince their audience to purchase their $20,000-$300,000 machinery.

The Strategy

Entelech put together a strategy to decrease the cost per lead metrics whilst at the same time increase Google rankings.

Onsite SEO complimented with a 12 month backlink acquisition campaign was scheduled.

In order to double down on enquiries from initial non-converters, a Facebook retargeting strategy was carried out.

Entelech seeked to migrate their old website platform on to a more modern WordPress template that seeked to highlight the businesses competitive advantages and made use of strategically placed conversion buttons and enquiry forms.


Sitewide Onsite SEO Development

Backlink Acquisition

30 Feature Benefit Report Development

Google AdWords Campaign

Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Pagespeed Optimisation & Google Update Compliance



AdWords Cost Per Lead Reduced from $70 to $25


An increase of 25 extra enquiries generated per month


20+ keywords on Google
Page 1


A decrease in AdWords spend


20+ keywords on Google
Page 1

The Client's Words

Over the past 3 years, Entelech’s partnership has made a monumental impact on our company’s growth goals. They possess a highly skilled level of Digital Marketing across a wide range of channels and have been led the way for us in coming up with new opportunities and ideas to further increase our online growth.

Leda Machinery

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