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Jet James is an Australian Award winning Artist specialising in Giclee Prints and Nature Etchings. He has an art gallery in Yeppoon that generates walk-in business and a shopify website that generated a low number of sales. Before engaging with Jet, Entelech set about and planned a 12 month strategy to significantly increase the sales generated from his website. This strategy was initially designed to generate 50 consistent website sales per month. Fifty being the number of sales he generates from his Art Gallery in Yepoon by walk in sales each month. After achieving this goal in 3 months our next benchmark was to generate 100 monthly sales through his online presence.


Jet found it difficult to navigate through the ever-changing Facebook ad platform.
Although he had ran some Facebook ad campaigns internally, rarely did it result in enough website sales to generate a Return on investment.

Jet was frustrated that although he had a gallery full of award winning art, his lack of digital knowledge prevented him from generating consistent online sales.

The Goals

His initial goal was to generate 50 new monthly sales. With desirable products and the launch of a well strategised Facebook ad campaign, this target was hit within three months, so we then set a new benchmark of 100 monthly sales.

The website had a conversion rate of under 0.5%. One of our goals was to increase the website conversion rate to over 1%

The Challenges

There was a lot of time, effort and testing with ad audiences. It was initially easy to find suitable audiences that warmed well to Jet’s Facebook ads, however they would become stale quite quickly, so this campaign incorporates regular audience optimisations.

The website initially had quite a low conversion rate. A lot of the product images did not portray his art in a light that made them desirable.

The Strategy

Whilst we built the Facebook Ad campaign our graphic designer went through each of the website product images and designed them into room mockups showcasing examples of how the artwork would look like in realistic home settings.

The Facebook campaign was compiled from a series of product specific single image and carousel ads that would generate traffic to the renewed product pages.

Once the Facebook campaign began to generate sales and a reasonable ROI, Entelech then encouraged Jet to begin a Google Ad Campaign. Three months after the setup of a Google Search and a Google Shopping campaign, sales began to significantly increase and eventually tipped Jet’s sales to over 100 per month.


Google Search Campaign Setup

Instagram Ad Campaign Setup

Google Shopping Campaign Setup

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

Retargeting Strategy Setup



Over 50 new sales in
three months


Over 15K in revenue
generated monthly


100 monthly sales
within 1 year


40% increase in website
conversion rate

The Client's Words

Entelech have done absolute wonders for my ecommerce website. Before using them I had a website that didn’t even generate enough sales worth the hosting and posting costs. They have now turned my online presence into a completely new revenue stream for me and I can’t be anymore thankful for their support. They are experts in the field of e-commerce and I’m gobsmacked by the results they’ve achieved for me.

Jet James

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