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Gluten Free Joy for a long time was a well known blog site with information on Gluten Free Foods for the coeliac and gluten intolerant community. On the side, this blog had an inner page selling hampers… Until they launched a new Shopify website specifically for Gluten Free Hampers.

With the launch of the new website, Gluten Free Joy engaged Entelech’s services in order to properly launch and generate orders through a paid media strategy.


Gluten Free Joy had employed a previous agency that ran an AdWords campaign that generated cost per sales at over $30.00 which wasn’t viable and ate too much into their profit margin.

Sales were running hot during Covid-19, however as the pandemic subsceeded, as did the sales and they wanted a strategy to replace the drop in sales.

The Goals

With the recent launch of the website, Gluten Free Joy set an early benchmark to generate at least 50 sales per month. We put together a step by step strategy showcasing how Entelech proposed to meet this target within three months. However, they initially decided to employ another digital agency that was more localised and proposed a cheaper package. After two to three months it was clear that this agency was not going to help Gluten Free Joy reach their goals and decided to take on our proposal. The initial goals were to generate 50 sales at a cost per click at under $10.00 per sale.

The Challenges

Although Gluten Free Joy had a well known blog site, the Shopify site to sell their hampers was practically brand new and so we had a site that wasn’t generating any traffic or sales.

There was also no tracking installed in the website, so we really had no history or analytics that would help us shape their plan.

The Strategy

Entelech went in and completely re-setup the AdWords campaign. Entelech noticed there was high demand for Google Shopping ads in the hampes industry and setup a complete Google Shopping campaign.

There were hundreds of weekly optimisation that proceeded the following months in order to lower the cost per sale from $30 to as close to under $10 as possible.


Google Search Campaign

Google Shopping Campaign



Decreased Cost Per Sale
metrics by $10 in month 1


Hit benchmark goal of 50+
sales within 4 months


Decreased cost per
sale to $8


ROI increased to
800% by month 4

The Client's Words

Entelech have been a delight to work with. Since day one they have provided me results and have always been attentive and
carried out their work with true transparency.

Gluten Free Joy

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