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Falzon Legal

Falzon Legal is a law firm operating out of Parramatta. Although they’re happy to take on general law enquiries and clients they expressed an interest in generating extra family law and wills and estate clientele. To date, they had not invested in online marketing and had a website not ranking in the first 10 pages for any related keywords.


As Falzon Legal had not previously invested in online marketing, they were not receiving any website enquiries. Whilst Falzon Legal has built a reasonably size Law Firm based on reputation and word of mouth, Paul wanted to take his firm to new heights and generate a new revenue stream. Some local Parramatta Lawyers had already taken the opportunity to generate business from their websites and it was displeasing that competition was already in front of the 8-ball with their online marketing and SEO.

The Goals

Falzon Legal were not receiving any enquiries through their website. With lawyer SEO being a long-term strategy that at least wanted to have some relevant first page rankings within a 6-12 month time period and wanted to initially generate some organic Enduring Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Family Law enquiries within 12 months.

The Challenges

Law as an industry is notoriously competitive on Googles 1st page real estate. One lead can be worth close to tens of thousands of dollars to a Law Firm and Lawyers understand this and are willing to invest heavily into their websites to rank. Falzon Legal had a website with little to no SEO and a lot of technical defects that were preventing the website from having a chance to outcompete their local competition.

The Strategy

Entelech’s goal is always to overachieve on goals laid out by our clients. We spotted some low hanging fruit with some keyword variations we believed we would be able to rank quickly, once the Falzon Legal website started to rank for these keywords and the website was able to generate traffic and enquiries we then changed the campaign to compete for some more higher competitive search phrases.

The plan initially was broken up into two phases. Foundation Deliverables:- Tasks necessary to be completed straight away in order to ensure the SEO campaign got off to a great start. Some of these tasks included Onsite SEO development and implementation as well as ensuring the websites pagespeed complied with the new Google Update of May-August 2021.

On-going Deliverables:- Namely a strong backlink Acquisition campaign to further increase organic rankings across a broad scope of industry relevant keyword variations.


Onsite SEO

Backlink Acquisition

Google My Business Setup and Optimisation

Conversion Goal Tracking Setup

Pagespeed Optimisation



1st page rankings within 2 months time


Increase to Pagespeed score


10 Keywords on Page 1 within 6 months


10+ Legal enquiries per month within 6 months

The Client's Words

Entelech have offered my firm an honest and trustworthy business partnership. Everything they have set out to achieve has been underpromised and over-delivered. They’ve taken my online presence from literally nowhere to a point where I’m generating some fantastic results and business. Well done Team

Paul Falzon

Owner Falzon Legal

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