Maximise clicks vs Maximise Conversions is one of Digital Marketing’s eternal questions

Maximise Clicks VS Maximise Conversions

These two different strategies do exactly what they say they do. Maximise clicks is a bidding strategy aimed at generating as many clicks as possible, while maximise conversions is a bidding strategy aimed at generating as many conversions as possible.

For businesses focused on getting more conversions and leads, Maximise Conversions is a strauight forward choice. Whilst, Maximise Clicks is the ideal strategy for businesses seeking quick traffic to their website.

Here are some of the pros and cons of each strategy:

Maximise Clicks:

The maximise clicks strategy is great for building awarenes, maximise clicks is also often less risky than maximise conversions. While the maximise clicks strategy operates under the basic parameters you set, maximise conversions relies on a complex algorithm that Google builds over time.

  • Pros:
    Boosts site traffic quickly and is cost-effective, making it great for increasing visibility.
  • Cons:
    Higher traffic doesn’t guarantee more sales, and you might attract visitors who aren’t interested in your offer, potentially wasting your budget.

Maximise Conversions:

Google describes its maximise conversions strategy thus: “Maximise conversions automatically sets bids to help get the most conversions for your campaign while spending your budget. It uses advanced machine learning to automatically optimise bids and offers auction-time bidding capabilities that tailor bids for each and every auction.”

  • Pros:
    Leads to a higher return on investment (ROI) by targeting visitors more likely to convert, ensuring quality over quantity.
  • Cons:
    Requires more effort in setup and ongoing optimisation. Costs may be higher initially as it targets more qualified leads.

What's the best strategy for me?

In the end focusing on clicks is great for building awareness and focusing on conversions is great for ROI, lead generation driven strategies.

Both maximise clicks and maximise conversions can besuitable and effective Google Ads strategies as long as their objetcives are clear and they are used in the right way. As a rule, maximise clicks should be your starting point and maximise conversions should be used once you’ve built up the necessary base of knowledge. And before making the switch we would always recommend running an A/B test to see if Google has enough information in order to improve your return.

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