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Lifeblinds is a blinds, awnings, curtains and plantation shutter supplier and installer in Melbourne. After taking over the business and investing with an SEO provider for 6 months they expressed frustrations with their online presence as little to no business had come from their investment. Lifeblinds approached Entelech with a view to generate 40 leads on a monthly basis.

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and needs

Lifeblinds are in a competitive industry and although there is a huge demand for their products and services, they felt disappointment that they were losing so much business to local competitors when their products and installation services are at a much higher standard to them

Lifeblinds had actually invested in online marketing previously with little to no result and at the time were frustrated by having previously invested considerable amounts of money into their website with no return.




Campaign Summary

The results

After the re-development of the website, Google rankings instantly started to lift and we noticed the website conversion rate lifted from 2% to 5%

Within three months, some of Lifeblinds less competitive keywords began to rank on Google’s page one. With a mixture of AdWords traffic and some organic traffic Entelech were able to generate 10 leads per month consistently.

Within 12 months, Lifeblinds were able to hit 1000 monthly website sessions derived from 600 organic sessions 300 adwords sessions and 100 people being re-targetted from Facebook ads.

With a conversion rate of 5% Lifeblinds were able to generate 50 enquiries. As their previous conversions had come from referrals their quote to sale ratio had dropped to 30% from website leads.

This led to a total of 15 new sales generating the business a further $25,500 in extra monthly revenue.

The Goals

Lifeblinds wanted their online presence to generate 40 leads per month, within a 12 month period.

Their main goal was to generate in excess of $25,000 per month through the website. Lifeblinds expressed their quote to sales ratio was currently 40%. With 40 leads per month at a conversion rate of 40% would mean they would generate 16 new sales on a monthly basis.

With an average transaction of $1,700, 16 new sales would convert to $27,200

The Challenges

Lifeblinds had a poor performing website that didn’t showcase their competitive advantages and products in a manner that would entice their audience away from the local competition.

The Strategy

When Entelech took over, Lifeblinds website was an outdated, unresponsive website with a conversion rate of 2%. There was no onsite SEO in the website and had very poor pagespeed. Our first task was to kill a few birds with one stone and re-develop the website with best practice conversion optimisation, full device compatibility and onsite SEO implementation to ensure the website converted better and ranked higher on Google.

Entelech then developed a highly segmented Google Ad Campaign that served to generate traffic from specific keywords to their relevant pages within the website.

As the website’s traffic began to increase, we noticed a natural drop off rate. As we understand the industry is competitive Entelech put together a savvy retargeting strategy with the sole purpose of attracting visitors that didn’t originally convert, back to their web presence.

THE Account Manager

Growth Manager

Flynn Pheby

The Results


new monthly revenue per month


increase in website conversion rate


new keywords on page one within three months


new monthly sales

The Client's Words

Entelech are a solid Digital Marketing partner. These guys are educators and professional implementers of their trade. In an area of the business that I initially knew nothing about, they have been patient in showing me the ropes and have significantly taken my previously bleak online presence to a place where it now equates for a large proportion of my business and I’d hate to think where I’d be now without them. Highly Recommended.
Life Blinds

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