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In an ideal world, you wouldn’t be here on our website reading this. Your website would already be an automated sales machine drowning you in ready to buy leads. Alas, digital marketing is a tough, competitive and at times overwhelming endeavor.

And so here you are, probably frustrated, yet hopeful and believing in your websites potential wondering if we here at Entelech are the agency that can turn that potential into reality.

So you might ask, what truly separates us from the thousands of other digital agencies out there?

Well, you might start with our name Entelech which encapsulates our core beliefs and values as an organisation. You see Entelech is defined as ‘The realisation of potential ’. And that is what drives us here at Entelech as individuals and as a company – helping our clients to achieve their business’ potential. You grow, we grow – simple.

Entelech internalizes your goals when you become a client and sets a laser focus on helping your business grow by building the marketing structure your products and services need. We build you a marketing system comprised of digital assets, traffic channels, touch points and content that will resonate with and turn your audience into wallet ready buyers.

So if your leads and sales are languishing behind your competitors or where you need them to be it is our sincere promise to you that if you so choose to partner with our team, we will endeavor with our utmost energy, effort and skills to help your business fulfill its online potential.
No hard sell, no broken promises and no bull. A flood of leads won’t come in overnight, but our team will put the necessary blood and sweat into your marketing to build you a proven, sustainable lead generation system that will serve you for the longevity of your business.

“Entelech build marketing, relationship and sales funnels that surge web traffic, boost conversions and nurtune leads to take your business to the next level”
Jamie & Flynn | Founders of Entelech

Service Focused

We greatly value the lifetime value of our clients to our business and always strive to exemplify a level of service and care that enables us to turn clients into advocates. 97% of our clients provide us referrals within their first 6 months.

Experienced Hands

We’re proud to have partnered with over 300 Aussie clients ranging from local business to large multinationals. Our expertise and strategies can be applied to a business of any size, stage or industry.

Result Orientated

We use metrics like rankings, conversion rates and returning visitor rates as insight tools to help achieve the true goal – leads, sales, ROI. We don’t judge our end success on vanity metrics, but rather bottom line results.

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We’ve grown from a 2 man operation to a 40+ strong team because our clients experience growth by partnering with us. We thrive on the back of achieving outstanding results for our clients thus it’s in our super best interest to go above and beyond in achieving you the growth that will support more and more investment in your marketing with us.
It’s one thing to implement work and achieve results. It’s another to communicate and visualize those results in a way a client can clearly and quickly analyze and understand. We use leading edge technology and reporting tools such as dashboards, programmatic tracking and call monitoring to ensure that you understand the value and results of your campaign.

If just one of our services is capable of doubling your leads, imagine the results possible when combining multiple services to create a multi faceted sales funnel. We make sure you understand how our services can compliment one another, amplify results and maximise the ROI achieved.

We’ve worked with sole traders, medium sized firms, e-commerce stores and even fortune 500 companies. And all across dozens of industries. We know what methods and content works best for which industries and are able to quickly develop ideal buyer personas and target audiences thanks to our wealth of experience.

By partnering with us you and your campaign have made available to you a team of true digital marketing superstars comprised of web developers and programmers, copywriters, paid ad specialists, SEO experts, graphic and media designers and plenty more! This all at a fraction of the price it would cost you to source these positions individually or hire them internally.

The truth is just one of our services is capable of doubling your leads so imagine the results possible when combining multiple services to create a multi faceted sales funnel. Our services all synergise with each other to supercharge the potential results and maximise the ROI achieved.

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